Ronayne Construction evolved from the construction of residential and commercial buildings in the 1940s and 1950s in the Rotorua region.  


Since the 1950s the capacity base has been expanded to include a much wider range of construction activities and the geographical range of operations grown to include regional, national and international activities. Today, Ronayne Construction undertakes projects on a variety of formats ranging from public competitive tender to design and build projects.


Ronayne Construction operates primarily throughout the northern half of the central North Island of New Zealand. The experience and expertise of Ronayne's staff along with a continued commitment to quality, health and safety and adoption of industry best practices, provides a total package for the client, from tender to hand over.

Our team of quantity surveyors, project and construction managers, ensure contractual requirements are identified and appropriate methodologies utilised, offering our clients practical and economic solutions.

The established culture and management systems ensure each stage is effectively controlled and promises are met. Ronayne Construction has a proven reputation and has worked on many projects large and small, either as a main contractor or key subcontractor role.

Our people and the relationships we establish are what have given Ronayne Construction its history and will ensure our continued success.


Ronayne Construction sees customer service leading to customer satisfaction as our most important success factor. A key ingredient in ensuring customer satisfaction is having appropriate resources available for individual projects and having a range of delivery products to address the need of a variety of different customers. Ronayne Construction continues to strive for the total satisfaction of customer needs through service and unrelenting effort.

The capacity profile of Ronayne Construction provides a maximum of customer service while still maintaining a high level of flexibility. The company's personnel, financial and plant resources are sufficient to undertake multimillion dollar projects yet flexible enough to satisfy the most minor customer requirements.