Bridge construction projects utilise many of the core skills of civil construction and the many different bridges successfully completed by Ronayne Construction are a good illustration of our skills.

Ronayne Construction has successfully completed bridge construction projects for a variety of public and private customers using several different contractual formats. Commonly bridge construction projects completed by Ronayne Construction founded on piled foundations. Ronayne Construction has experience in a variety of piling systems including bottom driven tubes, precast concrete, steel H beams and excavated piles.


Ronayne Construction began undertaking significant civil & public works from the 1960s and since then has successfully completed a wide variety of projects.


The highly developed management skills that Ronayne Construction employ in successfully completing civil & public projects are a significant asset in undertaking civil construction projects.

Ronayne Construction has considerable experience in a wide range of civil construction projects and from time to time execute works that are of a highly specialised nature. These projects occur in all segments of the construction market and are identified by their specific degree of technical difficulty or by the environment in which they are undertaken.


Ronayne Construction comes from a long tradition of constructing educational buildings.

The increase in school building which took place immediately after the Second World War was a mainstay for the early Ronayne companies. Today, rather than being driven by absolute growth, school building is a feature of change, with much of new school construction more commonly being driven by changes in teaching methods rather than increasing rolls.

Ronayne Construction has the capacity to construct new general teaching facilities or the detailed requirements of modern science and technology curricula. Increasingly the nature of work in educational institutions involves extensions and alterations against a tight time frame to fit into annual teaching programmes. Ronayne Construction highly developed project management skills makes us ideally suited to meeting the strict time and physical constraints present in this environment.


Ronayne Construction's wide experience and range of skills make us ideally suited to undertake government building projects.

Over time numerous government building projects often in difficult locations have been successfully completed. Government building projects are generally of two types, projects involving particularly difficult site conditions and projects with tight time frame is involved. Ronayne Construction's provision of government buildings is normally carried out to the customer's specialised design and direction. Ronayne Construction together with the customer's design specialists work as a team toward successful project completion.


Ronayne Construction is based in Rotorua, the centre of tourism for New Zealand and construction for the tourist industry is a key part of our activities.

Over time, Ronayne companies have constructed numerous hotels, motels and other tourist facilities throughout the North Island of New Zealand and this depth of experience provides part of the foundation for Ronayne Construction. Tourist accommodation, hotel and motel experience includes both multi-unit construction and high quality single unit construction.

The successful completion of projects such as the personal facilities constructed for affluent foreign residents have tested the attention to detail and finish that Ronayne Construction can provide. Ronayne Construction’s skills in this specific area are, those of a specialist rather than a generalist. Ronayne Construction's provision of tourist accommodation, hotels and motels is normally done to the customer's specialised design and direction. Ronayne Construction together with the customer's specialist design team, work together as a team toward successful project completion.


Ronayne Construction have successfully completed a number of different hydroelectric and energy plant projects throughout the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Hydroelectric projects have included large concrete structures and significant water management on substantial rivers. Energy plant projects successfully completed by Ronayne Construction have principally been part of large industrial plants supplying heat and steam for industrial processes. Hydroelectric and energy plant projects are distinguished by their scale and overcoming the technical and operational problems inherent in that scale. Hydroelectric projects frequently require the physical and environmental management of existing waterways carrying large volumes of water.

These projects are frequently required within strict time constraints driven by customers high operational revenues. Similarly energy plant projects frequently have to operate within tight time consuming legislative constraints which puts pressure on time and requires strict project management control.

Ronayne Construction's experience and successful track record in hydroelectric and energy plant projects makes us well qualified to carry out this type of work. Ronayne Construction’s excellent health and safety record and the high level of project management skill that we bring to projects add value to all hydroelectric and energy plant projects in which we participate.


Industrial plant construction has long been a fundamental product for Ronayne companies.

Ronayne Construction has experience in the construction of a variety of industrial plants for both New Zealand and international companies. Specialist skills in the field of industrial plant construction include an understanding of industrial process operations, construction of complex foundations, construction of wide span structures and management of complex project interfaces.

Industrial plant construction is carried out by Ronayne Construction on what ever contractual arrangements suit the customer. Ronayne Construction's preferred contractual format for most projects is design and build. These arrangements maximise the customer's ability to review design options and provide better cost control than other more traditional arrangements while building the high levels of understanding that are critical to success on these sort of projects.

Ronayne Construction has found from experience that the key to the successful completion of industrial plant construction projects is proper management of the various packages involved. This proper management can only be achieved through a good understanding of the processes involved in the project by all participants and the development of shared ownership and responsibility in the total project team.


Ronayne companies has constructed office buildings for a variety of customers since the 1940's and Ronayne Construction continue this practice today.


At present technology and new business practices are driving significant change to customers requirements of office buildings. The traditional multilevel office buildings to accommodate the structured administration of large public and private organisations is giving way to the requirements of flatter organisations which require less space. The office buildings of today tend to be of more specific design, to address the needs of specific customer operations. The interiors have become more important than the exteriors.

Ronayne Construction provides office buildings for customers on a variety of different formats. The increase in customer specific requirements in office buildings is increasing specialisation among designers who are customer specific rather than market segment specific. In this environment Ronayne Construction is increasingly constructing office buildings designed by the customer's designers, rather than on a design and build basis.


As the usage life cycle for commercial buildings shortens, Ronayne Construction is increasingly undertaking refurbishment works.

These refurbishment works are essentially of two types, the repair and renovation of buildings who's fabric has become worn and the retrofitting and reimaging of buildings where their appearance and function must change to suit new requirements. The repair and renovation of buildings often has a structural element which generally includes fitting out to new operational requirements. Often in cases where the fabric of existing buildings requires repair the building will be extended using conventional construction techniques.

Ronayne Construction’s comprehensive experience and range of skills makes us ideally suited to these types of refurbishment works. The retrofitting and reimaging of existing buildings has become an area of specialisation for Ronayne Construction who has successfully completed this type of work in numerous banks, services stations, hospitals, schools and other buildings. Ronayne Construction's technical and management skills are particularly suited to this highly detailed work which is normally carried out within the customers operating premises and within tight time constraints.


Ronayne Construction has for many years undertaken construction for oil companies for the distribution and retail sale of petroleum products. The construction of service stations is a key part of this work and of the product range of Ronayne Construction.


Service station construction in addition to the technical and managerial skills, requires specialist knowledge of the regulations and safety requirements of the oil industry. Over time the staff at Ronayne Construction have built up a significant base of specialised knowledge of the oil industry. New service station construction has been completed for all the major oil products retailers and the company has participated in a number of reimaging programmes in existing service stations.

Service station owners operate on expensive sites with the maintenance of ongoing sales critical to their profitability and viability which makes time a critical feature of any project in this field. Ronayne Construction’s highly developed project management skills have made a positive contribution to the timely completion of all those service station projects in which we have participated.


The nature of shopping and retail premises has changed significantly over recent years, retailing is increasingly to do with service and less to do simply with the supply goods.


Ronayne Construction recognised this change in retail and shopping focus at an early stage and have successfully changed their approach to the construction of shopping and retail premises to focus on customer requirements rather than simply providing building envelops. Increasing changes in retail practices have driven a trend of refurbishment and reimaging in retail businesses, a trend particularly prevalent among banks and larger retailers. Ronayne Construction has expanded their skills in this field cultivating among their team the attention to detail and time that this type of work specifically requires.



Ronayne companies has for many years successfully undertaken water works and reservoir construction, this traditional field of activity forms a basis activity for Ronayne Construction.

Water works projects undertaken have included both water supply plants and water treatment plants for a variety of local government authorities. Reservoir construction has been undertaken for both industrial users and for local government authorities. Water works construction is normally carried our to customer's specific designs with contractual arrangements on the traditional lump sum contract basis.

Commonly for projects carried out on the traditional lump sum contract basis Ronayne Construction interfaces with the customer's professional design consultants with project management being a team effort. For projects executed on this basis Ronayne Construction always strive to be an objective part of the project team and to keep the interests of the customer foremost in our considerations.

Reservoir construction is more commonly undertaken on a design and build basis allowing the customer to take advantage of Ronayne Construction's innovative design ideas and skills. In addition to contributing to the cost effective design of water works and reservoirs Ronayne Construction’s high level of management and technical construction skill invariably makes a positive contribution to project success.