Ronayne Construction have successfully completed a number of different hydroelectric and energy plant projects throughout the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Hydroelectric projects have included large concrete structures and significant water management on substantial rivers. Energy plant projects successfully completed by Ronayne Construction have principally been part of large industrial plants supplying heat and steam for industrial processes. Hydroelectric and energy plant projects are distinguished by their scale and overcoming the technical and operational problems inherent in that scale. Hydroelectric projects frequently require the physical and environmental management of existing waterways carrying large volumes of water.

These projects are frequently required within strict time constraints driven by customers high operational revenues. Similarly energy plant projects frequently have to operate within tight time consuming legislative constraints which puts pressure on time and requires strict project management control.

Ronayne Construction's experience and successful track record in hydroelectric and energy plant projects makes us well qualified to carry out this type of work. Ronayne Construction’s excellent health and safety record and the high level of project management skill that we bring to projects add value to all hydroelectric and energy plant projects in which we participate.