As the usage life cycle for commercial buildings shortens, Ronayne Construction is increasingly undertaking refurbishment works.

These refurbishment works are essentially of two types, the repair and renovation of buildings who's fabric has become worn and the retrofitting and reimaging of buildings where their appearance and function must change to suit new requirements. The repair and renovation of buildings often has a structural element which generally includes fitting out to new operational requirements. Often in cases where the fabric of existing buildings requires repair the building will be extended using conventional construction techniques.

Ronayne Construction’s comprehensive experience and range of skills makes us ideally suited to these types of refurbishment works. The retrofitting and reimaging of existing buildings has become an area of specialisation for Ronayne Construction who has successfully completed this type of work in numerous banks, services stations, hospitals, schools and other buildings. Ronayne Construction's technical and management skills are particularly suited to this highly detailed work which is normally carried out within the customers operating premises and within tight time constraints.