Industrial plant construction has long been a fundamental product for Ronayne companies.

Ronayne Construction has experience in the construction of a variety of industrial plants for both New Zealand and international companies. Specialist skills in the field of industrial plant construction include an understanding of industrial process operations, construction of complex foundations, construction of wide span structures and management of complex project interfaces.

Industrial plant construction is carried out by Ronayne Construction on what ever contractual arrangements suit the customer. Ronayne Construction's preferred contractual format for most projects is design and build. These arrangements maximise the customer's ability to review design options and provide better cost control than other more traditional arrangements while building the high levels of understanding that are critical to success on these sort of projects.

Ronayne Construction has found from experience that the key to the successful completion of industrial plant construction projects is proper management of the various packages involved. This proper management can only be achieved through a good understanding of the processes involved in the project by all participants and the development of shared ownership and responsibility in the total project team.