Ronayne Construction has for many years undertaken construction for oil companies for the distribution and retail sale of petroleum products. The construction of service stations is a key part of this work and of the product range of Ronayne Construction.


Service station construction in addition to the technical and managerial skills, requires specialist knowledge of the regulations and safety requirements of the oil industry. Over time the staff at Ronayne Construction have built up a significant base of specialised knowledge of the oil industry. New service station construction has been completed for all the major oil products retailers and the company has participated in a number of reimaging programmes in existing service stations.

Service station owners operate on expensive sites with the maintenance of ongoing sales critical to their profitability and viability which makes time a critical feature of any project in this field. Ronayne Construction’s highly developed project management skills have made a positive contribution to the timely completion of all those service station projects in which we have participated.